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The Other Foot Soccer School is a global football development programmed specifically designed to improve players 'Other Foot'. Founded in the UK in 2004, The Other Foot programme has grown into one of the leading player development programmes with Soccer Schools currently active worldwide. Elite Soccer Coaching implemented The Other Foot programme into our curriculum in 2009 in Scotland. In 2013 when Elite Soccer Coaching was established in Cambodia we opened up the very first The Other Foot Soccer School in Asia.

So take a moment to think about the foot you hardly ever use when you play soccer, you know the one we mean; the one that feels left out, unnoticed and undervalued as yourself confident, stronger foot passes, traps, shoots and scores it’s way to glory. Well, now your OTHER foot is being given an opportunity to take a step in the right or left direction, to at last show that it’s not just for standing on. Just imagine if your OTHER foot had the opportunities your stronger foot has had, would you be a more versatile player? Let’s just say your OTHER foot improved by 10%, would you be a better player? Of course the answer to all this is YES!

Now the boots on the OTHER foot – DOUBLE YOUR POTENTIAL!

About Other Foot Sessions

The primary focus of all Other Foot sessions is to improve the skill level of each participants “Other” Foot. (Sounds simple and it IS!). The Other Foot programme is specifically designed so that each players “Other” Foot will have as much contact with the ball as possible, with each player working through a variety of games and activities in a fun, yet challenging weekly programme, allowing them to become measurably more confident and comfortable when using their “Other” Foot.

The ultimate goal of this carefully designed programme is for all players to improve their mastery of the ball when using their “Other” Foot, thus enabling them to maximize their potential and become more versatile and complete players. The Other Foot programme will gradually move players through six steps of “socka” levels. Players will step to the next level by passing specific skill tests. Each higher step brings a different sock colour and new “socka” challenges. Please see below the 'Socka Steps'.

The Other Foot

quoteThe Other Foot Soccer School has been given backing by many of the worlds top coaches and ex international players such as:-
Craig Brown (Ex Scotland National Team & Aberdeen Football Club Manager),
Terry Butcher (Ex England International Player).
Neil Mackintosh (Scottish Football Association Head of Youth Development).
John Robertson (Ex Newcastle United, Heart Of Midlothian and Scotland International player).

end quote

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