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Team & Individual Training Sessions

Individual Training

Elite Soccer's individual training is for any player that is looking for extra training to work on key aspects of their football development. Players can work with our highly qualified coaches on a 1 to 1 basis and gain invaluable time working on their technical, tactical or physical attributes. Post training session/s, parent/guardian or the individual themselves, will have a consolation with our 'Elite' coach where they can ask questions and take home a session planner detailing what was worked on. Upon request homework can also be provided for players to further improve their skills.

4 week block = $140
6 week block = $195
8 week block = $240

To enquire about our individual training sessions please contact us.

Team Training

Elite Soccer's team training sessions are for any kids, youth or adult teams that are looking for some extra training to work on key aspects of player/team development. The training sessions can be structured to cover all mental, physical and technical attributes. Team coaches can use each session delivered by our professional coaches as an opportunity for coach education, allowing them to enhance their own footballing knowledge.


$60 for 1 hour training session
$90 for 1.5 hour training session

To enquire about our team training sessions please contact us.

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