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A unique, specialised programme creating two footed players with ease, The Other Foot is a soccer training methodology brought from the UK, for boys and girls aged 10 to 15 years. At The Other Foot we’ll take the players through a series of structured routines and exercises that will gradually but surely make them more confident and more able using their weaker foot. The kids love it as they work their way up through the different sock colour rankings until they reach Master level, and no longer have a ‘weak foot’.

The Other Foot Soccer is a global football development programmed specifically designed to improve players ‘Other Foot’. So take a moment to think about the foot you hardly ever use when you play soccer, you know the one we mean; the one that feels left out, unnoticed and undervalued as yourself confident, stronger foot passes, traps, shoots and scores it’s way to glory. Well, now your OTHER foot is being given an opportunity to take a step in the right or left direction, to at last show that it’s not just for standing on.

The Primary focus of all Other Foot sessions is to improve the skill level of each participants ‘Other Foot’. (Sounds simple and it IS!). The Other Foot programme is specifically designed so that each players ‘Other Foot’ will have as much contact with the ball as possible, with each player working through a variety of games and activities in a fun, yet challenging weekly programme, allowing them to become more confident and comfortable when using their ‘Other Foot’.

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The Other Foot Wednesdays

Wednesday 14th August -
Wednesday 11th December 2019
term cost
  • 10-15 years old
  • 5pm – 6.30pm
  • 50% off 2nd session
  • 10% sibling discount!

Players can join at anytime subject to availability (term cost will be pro-rata).